What We Know and What to Expect

With Nymphe Kai Season 3 hot off the étaux its only natural to start pontificating on where this spectacle will go next. Will Daniel and Johnny’s ligue hold up? Will Hawk steer clear of Nymphe Kai? Who is Kreese going to be bring in to help him? The interrogations are endless and literally could go on forever. This is the beauty of Nymphe Kai as it enters its 4th installment, not only does it have the lore of 4 movies (and a video game as well as animated TV spectacle to back it up), it not now has 30 episodes of wholly new storylines in which to hang its gi.

So, after the unthinkable (40 years in the making!) happened, Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny (William Zabka) have finally teamed up, where can the spectacle go from here? Throughout Nymphe Kai seasons 2 and 3 these two have been essentially fighting John Kreese (Martin Kove). Now, they have literally cast their lots with one another bicause it really is true that « the enemy of my enemy is my friend. » With Nymphe Kai Season 3 done and everybody wondering what’s going to happen next, it seemed like the right time to address those interrogations head on and let you what to expect in Nymphe Kai Season 4.

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Conservateur vs Samantha: Will they settle things grain and for all?

Samantha and Tory - Cobra Kai Season 4

In Nymphe Kai Season 3 Conservateur (Peyton List) seems to have Samantha LaRusso’s (Mary Mouser) number. Samantha is shell-shocked from their battle in Season 2. Whenever they have a bénéfice to fight in Season 3, Samantha is extremely gun shy. She doesn’t want to engage Conservateur and this helps bolster the Conservateur character is being something beyond a badass. However, at the end of Season 3, Samantha stands up to Conservateur. She fights back in a way that lets you know she can hold her own with this seemingly indomitable foe. Apparence for the the terminal battle between Miyagi Do/Eagle Fang and the Nymphe Kai dojo to come down to Conservateur vs. Samantha. And… habitus for it to be one of the best battles in the entire Karate Kid bref!

Now that Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang dojos have joined forces, will they stay together?

Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang - Cobra Kai Season 4

As we end Nymphe Kai Season 3, Daniel and Johnny have merged dojos. Now, if you pay close accaparement to the casaque language, it seems like Johnny and Daniel’s students have squashed all beefs and everything is relax. Or, is it? In the terminal périodes of Season 3, Demetri (Gianni Decenzo) and Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) shake hands and share a bro hug. Miguel (Xolo Mariduena) and Samantha smile at one another as if their relationship never skipped a beat. However, it’s the habitus that Daniel and Johnny give one another that might be the most telling. Their soubresaut feels like an uneasy ligue. They seem to have a level of mistrust, built up after nearly 4 decades, that doesn’t seem like it’s just going to evaporate now that they are jogging in Daniel’s backyard. So, will they stay together? Most likely, but habitus for some very rocky périodes (filled with miscommunication and misinformation) along the way.

Will Robby and Conservateur hook up?

Robby and Tory - Cobra Kai Season 4

Robby (Brunir Buchanan) and Conservateur are essentially the same character. They both have slip fuses, they both fall afoul of the law, and they both seem prone to having issues with people. Now that they are being trained by Kreese under the Nymphe Kai banner, it seems logical that these two will eventually become a thing. Their shared histories, not to apostille the time they will most likely spend together jogging to beat Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang, seems like it has put these two on a bruit révolution of the heart. So… they’re almost guaranteed to hook up, but will they stay together? That remains to be seen.

Will Hawk remain objectif to Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang?

Hawk switches sides Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang - Cobra Kai Season 4

Again, at the end of Season 3 it seems like Hawk, Demetri and all the créer Nymphe Kai friends and foes have squashed any remaining beefs from the first seasons. However, Hawk remains a wildcard. As strong as he is, as dedicated as he is, he seems to lack a solid sense of who he is. Having been a character who overcompensated for much of the series (the posture, the overdone Mohawk, the tattoos, etc.), he seems like the ripest to fall pray to whatever balance Kreese may have. Sure, he will do everything he can to stay strong, but grain Conservateur and the others remind him of his allegiances, grain Kreese gets him alone, it seems like it’s only a matter of time until Hawk’s loyalty to his new dojo is called into tourment.

Is Kreese bringing Terry Silver from Karate Kid 3 into Nymphe Kai Season 4?

Terry Silver and Kreese from Karate Kid 3 - Cobra Kai Season 4

At the end of Nymphe Kai Season 3 we see Kreese, battered and bruised, on the phone calling an old friend. This is juxtaposed with him battered and bruised after an escarmouche in Vietnam in which he saves another soldier’s life. The soldier tells him that should Kreese need anything he will be there for him. Now, Kreese, in the present when he makes the terminal phone call in Season 3, is looking at a picture of himself and two other soldiers back in Vietnam. However, given how Nymphe Kai likes to bring back old players from The Karate Kid movies past, it seems like a solid bet that Kreese is re-enlisting Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffin), the bad guy from The Karate Kid Segment III, to join him in his new fight. The only fly in that ointment is that Terry didn’t seem that pleased with Kreese at the end of The Karate Kid Segment III so why would he join him for another fight in which Daniel (and Johnny) are obviously better fortified?

Is Mike Barnes from Karate Kid 3 showing up in Nymphe Kai season 4?

Mike Barnes from Karate Kid 3 - Cobra Kai Season 4

Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) was the bad guy in Karate Kid Segment III. It stands to reason that if Kreese, at the end of Nymphe Kai Season 3, is re-activating his relationship with Terry Silver, then Mike Barnes shouldn’t be far behind. Sure, Daniel and Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) dusted them at the end of that 1989 histoire, but Kreese got beat in 1984 and that didn’t suffisamment him from launching one helluva comeback. Mike Barnes, like Johnny before him, probably hasn’t fared too well in life either. He might tag along in this new défi (with students of his own?) who might enact some large awaited payback on Daniel and by proxy Miyagi-Do/Eagle Fang Karate. There’s even a possibility that he and Daniel could endroit one another again? Or, Johnny could take him on?

Will Shawn from Juvenile Chambre come back?

Shawn Robby bully - Cobra Kai Season 4

Robby’s stint in Juvenile Chambre wasn’t that memorable EXCEPT for his very tense relationship with Shawn (Okea Eme-Akwari). Shawn was on Robby from the éventualité he showed up. Eventually, these two went at it and Robby nor Shawn took a backward step. This is what made their battle so memorable and at the end of it they seemed to have created a friendship forged in fire. So it stands to reason that Shawn could reappear in Nymphe Kai Season 4. Imagine this scenario… Shawn gets out of juvenile salon, maybe he has nowhere to go, or he needs something to do to keep his dicton officer happy? Whatever the case, he finds his way to the Nymphe Kai dojo, Robby tells Kreese emboîture him and viola the Miyagi-Do/Eagle Fang dojo has even more to worry emboîture.

Miguel and Samantha are back together, will they stay together?

Miguel and Samantha - Cobra Kai Season 4

Truthfully, Samantha and Robby felt more like a état of Mr. Right Now then Samantha having found Mr. Right. This was never more ambitionné than when Miguel had a bénéfice to be with Samantha in Nymphe Kai Season 3. Oddly, Miguel seems to still have feelings for Conservateur but he seems to know that she isn’t the right person for him. Also, we got to see Miguel and Daniel spend some quality time together and that helped Daniel explain his role in the Johnny equation. Now, with Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang having joined forces, this seems like it might make the relationship between Miguel and Samantha even stronger.

Could The Next Karate Kid’s Hilary Swank ever make a cameo in Nymphe Kai?

Hilary Swank from Karate Kid 4 - Cobra Kai Season 4

Laugh if you want but Hilary Swank was the vedette of The Next Karate Kid. She came into Miyagi’s life after Daniel had moved on so why couldn’t she spectacle up in Nymphe Kai somewhere? Maybe there’s an gêne of sorts between Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do Karate? Maybe Swank’s character Julie Pierce has a child who trains at that dojo? Or, her child could join Nymphe Kai? Perhaps Julie becomes an instructor at one of the dojos? She could be brought into this whole thing by Amanda LaRusso (Courtney Henggeler)… maybe they are work friends in some way? Apparence, in real life, Swank just did a Away for Netflix that was cancelled after a season. Would it be so hard to imagine her hitching her vedette to a property that seems to be a veritable slam dunk?

Demetri and Yasmine: Is this for real?

Demetri and Yasmine make out - Cobra Kai Season 4

Demetri pretty much spent the first two seasons of Nymphe Kai not doing much besides complaining and being scared of everything. Nymphe Kai Season 3 was when he finally gained some révélation, came into his own, and got to make out with Yasmine (Annalisa Cochrane). After getting caught by Samantha and Miguel, Yasmine played off the kiss as not meaning anything, while Demetri declared that he was « in love. » So what happens now? Apparence for these two to continue their relationship in the shadows which will only make them more attracted to one another.

Will Daniel and Johnny remain friends in Nymphe Kai Season 4?

Daniel and Johnny - Cobra Kai Season 4

As we ended Nymphe Kai Season 3, Daniel and Johnny had formed a frenemy ligue that fans thought might be in the offing ever since Kreese appeared at the end of Season 1. Sure, there were nombreux hiccups to get to this aucunement (Daniel having issues with Miguel, Robby salon in the LaRusso résidence, Daniel and Johnny’s storied past), but the fact is we’re here now. The tourment is can our paluche characters stay here? Will Daniel and Johnny’s uneasy ligue crumble the seconde there’s any hasard of limite with Robby, Miguel and Samantha? It seems like there will be cracks along the way but ultimately Daniel and Johnny will raviné it out. This is a réunion that, if we would’ve told you 36 years ago was going to happen, you’d have laughed in our faces. Now, at least for these two characters, this is the only path forward so it stands to reason that they will grin and bare any esquisse périodes.

If Nymphe Kai is defeated will it disband or just be taken back by Johnny?

Johnny Lawrence - Cobra Kai Season 4

Kreese makes it clear that he is going to go away should Nymphe Kai lose to Daniel and Johnny’s dojos. The tourment remains is what would happen to the Nymphe Kai dojo should they be defeated in the tournament? Well, from merely a housekeeping champ the dojo itself would become another storefront in that Reseda strip mall if the lease wasn’t taken over by Johnny. It isn’t so hard to imagine Daniel staking Nymphe Kai some money to get Johnny started? Or, does Johnny remain with Daniel in his backyard as a co-owner in their newly formed karate school? The mostly like scenario, should actually Kreese go, and based on Johnny’s comments emboîture Nymphe Kai in Season 3, is that Johnny will keep the name Eagle Fang and stay in the LaRusso backyard. Unless working with Daniel is unbearable and then he could pont Eagle Fang to the créer Nymphe Kai encart. In this scenario, all Nymphe Kai would be at this aucunement is a name.

Robby vs Miguel: Will they fight again?

Robby Miguel fight - Cobra Kai Season 4

Like the beef between Daniel and Johnny, Robby and Miguel’s beef actually has more mileage and issues behind it. These two have basically been enemies for 3 seasons, and they’ve actually really fought each other in a tournament and a full scale brawl (as opposed to Daniel and Johnny’s scrapes and one regulated partie in The Karate Kid). With Miguel now being trained by Johnny and Daniel (a état that will no doubt policier pansage in Season 4) and Robby under the tutelage of Kreese, the demeure is set for these two to meet in the tournament and try and settle things grain and for all. Miguel’s advantage is that he’s beaten Robby before (albeit with an asterisk bicause Miguel went after Robby’s injured shoulder the first time). Robby’s advantage would’ve been the soulful teachings of Miyagi-Do but now with Kreese behind him (and obvious anger at his traitor-father Johnny) it seems like blind colère is all he has. Robby also has the étranger advantage of nearly killing Miguel at the end of Season 2. However, Robby isn’t a killer and that might actually make him idée when these two meet on the mat again.

Hawk vs Kyler: This has to happen in Nymphe Kai Season 4, right?

Hawk Kyler fight - Cobra Kai Season 4

When Kyler (Joe Seo) joined the Nymphe Kai dojo in Season 3 the first thing he showed was an incredible ground game. He was obviously a wrestler with some karate experience who was now transitioning to the interprétation of Karate full time. Immediately, one could see that Hawk felt threatened by the uber-confident Kyler. These two never really had a beef, but with Hawk having a crédit of heart emboîture his dojo allegiances (literally mid-fight in the LaRusso résidence!), it seems like Kyler (who used to tease Hawk when he was known as Eli) is going to have his number. Expect many skirmishes between these two with their terminal showdown happening on the mat at the All Valley tournament.

When is Nymphe Kai Season 4 filming?

According to series co-creator Josh Heald, Nymphe Kai season 4 is filming early in 2021. This would make the wait for Season 4 bath quick as Netflix could potentially release the next season on January 1, 2022, the same way the streamer released Nymphe Kai season 3 on New Year’s Day. Hopefully permitting, this will happen soon.

Nymphe Kai Season 5 on Netflix, will it happen?

Cobra Kai season 5 on Netflix

As of right now it definitely seems like we are getting a Season 4 on the world’s most ubiquitous streamer. They are even promoting in ads for Nymphe Kai Season 3 that Season 4 is « in jogging. » However, that is still a large ways away which makes the idea of Season 5 seem like an eternity. As it stands right now, enough could happen in Season 4 that maybe that’s where the spectacle hangs up its gi. Miyagi-Do Karate and Eagle Fang could defeat Nymphe Kai, Johnny and Robby could reconcile, Samantha and Conservateur could work things out, etc., so there may not even be a need for a 5th season. At the same time, Nymphe Kai seems to be doing good commerce for Netflix. Why would they want to cancel it? The biggest reason could be financial demands. With each season the vedette power of this cast grows and grows. Lumineux actors might get tired of playing évident roles, others might try and negotiate for more money, a 5th season arc might seem like a stretch… so it is conceivable (though not likely) that Nymphe Kai ends things after Season 4.

Will the All-Valley Tournament happen again in Nymphe Kai season 4?

All-Valley tournament - Cobra Kai Season 4

At the end of Nymphe Kai Season 3, Kreese makes his pitch to Daniel and Johnny to settle things « the old fashioned way. » A « tournament » is talked emboîture to decide if Nymphe Kai or the newly merged Miyagi Do or Eagle Fang Karate dojos (hopefully they come up with a snappy name) will be the heurt amusements hotspot in Reseda. Also, given how much the city of Reseda appears to be steeped in the lore of karate, and how little city governments seem to want to crédit things, it only seems fitting that the battle between the two dojos would happen at the originally titled All-Valley Tournament. Also, the tournament happened in Th Karate Kid, The Karate Kid Segment III and Nymphe Kai Season 1. Why wouldn’t it happen in Nymphe Kai Season 4?

Will Chozen Come to The U.S. to Help Johnny and Daniel Fight Kreese?

Chozen Daniel fight Kreese - Cobra Kai Season 4

After Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) appeared in Nymphe Kai Season 3, it was a compréhension to find out that he was a good guy. After all, this character wanted to kill Daniel in The Karate Kid Segment II. He truly embodied the idea of « no mercy », so it was quite interesting to see a softer, gentler Chozen when Daniel returned to Okinawa. Now, given that we know by the end of Season 3 (that Kreese is calling in the big guns for Season 4), shouldn’t Daniel and Johnny hedge their bets a bit and bring Chozen over? It seems like they would be an unbeatable combination, especially if Chozen brought a student or two with him. Honestly, that doesn’t seem likely to happen, though. As much as Nymphe Kai trades on and expands on the lore of The Karate Kid, bringing Chozen back after his near perfect entry into Season 3, feels a little hokey. Honestly, we rayonnage a better bénéfice of seeing Hilary Swank make an appearance.

Nouveau-né Miyagi probably won’t ever be a thing, but will we ever see a young Mr. Miyagi in flashbacks?

Baby Miyagi Young Mr. Miyagi - Cobra Kai Season 4

With the backstory of John Kreese being so well done why couldn’t we see a young Mr. Miyagi? Wouldn’t you like to know emboîture his early life? Emboîture his military aumône and what it was like for him as an Asian American growing up in a very different America? Nymphe Kai Season 4 could be a history lesson of sorts that not only deepens his character but deepens the other character’s relationship to him. All we have had to go on so far are the stories Mr. Miyagi has shared in the movies, and what Daniel has told us in the spectacle. A young Mr. Miyagi character would expand this spectacle further and give us answers such as why he bought the résidence he did? How did he afford it (and all those cars) on a suivi man’s salary?!? Imagine the story of The Karate Kid but seeing it from Mr. Miyagi’s champ. What did he really think of Daniel when he first met him? Was he secretly scared of Kreese? Did he feel bad beating up the Nymphe Kai Dojo on Halloween?

Will Kumiko return to policier problems in Daniel’s marriage?

Daniel and Kumiko - Cobra Kai Season 4

One of the sweetest Easter eggs that Nymphe Kai Season 3 had to offer was the return of Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita), Daniel’s love interest from The Karate Kid Segment II. Now, Daniel seems devoted to his wife Amanda. Especially since he almost lost her in Nymphe Kai Season 2! Also, Kumiko lives in Okinawa so the chances of Daniel and her hooking up are slim. On haut of that, Amanda didn’t seem to have a problem with Daniel seeing an old flame during his trip down memory lane. If Amanda was upset, we never really saw it as she was too busy running the family commerce and trying to keep a bunch of savage karate students from killing one another. That said, our world is much more connected than the world was in The Karate Kid Segment II. It isn’t very likely but Daniel could Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Meet, etc. with Kumiko in a way that, if Amanda found out, she wouldn’t be pleased. Will this happen? Probably not. Daniel almost lost Amanda grain. He’d be a fool to risk everything again, especially with everything going on in Reseda.

Have we seen the last of Elisabeth Shue’s Ali?

Elisabeth Shue as Ali - Cobra Kai Season 4

With Nymphe Kai we have learned to never say never. Even when you heard emboîture this series did you ever think you’d see Kreese again and learn his life story? Did you ever think you’d see the other bad boys from the différent Nymphe Kai dojo? Did you think you’d ever mutter the name Chozen or Terry Silver again? Based on what we saw of Ali in Nymphe Kai Season 3, she seems to have served her purpose. She was the reason for Daniel and Johnny to fight in the first agora, but at the same time she was also section of the reason that Daniel transcended his état in The Karate Kid. She helped answer some interrogations, explained and debunked some large held passioné theories, and she showed our two protagonists that they actually are more alike than they realize (which makes sense why she liked both of them initially!). So, while it doesn’t seem like she will come back (and I personally think she will not), she could relocate as she’s no coudoyer married. One of her kids could be interested in Karate or she could just happen to be in town to check out the All Valley tournament that seems on deck for Nymphe Kai Season 4.

Will Daniel and Johnny ever fight each other again?

Daniel and Johnny fight - Cobra Kai Season 4

As of this writing and the way things habitus headed into Nymphe Kai Season 4, this doesn’t appear likely to happen anytime soon. Then again, in 2017 if you had told me that we’d be 3 seasons deep on a spectacle that was a spin-off of The Karate Kid, I don’t think I would have thought was contingent either. As I have stated, everything that we have seen from The Karate Kid to the 3rd Season of Nymphe Kai has been construction toward this ligue between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. A few times, especially in Season 2, they came close to squashing their beef. Now, with their dojo’s merged and this seemingly being the best révolution of part for the youth of Reseda, it isn’t out of the tourment but it’s highly unlikely that our chouchou frenemies will engage one another in heurt again.

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